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While he isn't at full power, chaos can still do quite a few things in the Xenosaga universe, such as telepathy, teleportation, amongst other things, so here is the place that I will list powers that might be problematic for your characters. I would appreciate it if you would let me know in the comments whether your characters would be bothered by these powers or not, or what sort of reactions they would have to these things. Don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm always happy to work through issues and figure out stuff.

-chaos has been known to read minds from time to time. If you don't want chaos to do this or if your character has some way of getting by this or hindering chaos, please let me know in the comments.

-chaos can look at souls/consciousnesses and see if they are human or not and a few powers that might be attached to that consciousness. If you don't want chaos to do this, or if your character has some way of getting by this or hindering chaos, please let me know in the comments.

-chaos can weaken his fire attacks to the point where they just warm up a person rather then make them catch on fire. If your character has a way around this or a way to weaken this ability, please let me know in the comments.

-chaos can also weaken his ice attacks so that they just cool down a person rather than freezing them into a block of ice for a moment. If your character has a way around this or a way to weaken this ability, please let me know in the comments.
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Good evening everyone! I've decided to make a character relationship chart to help me keep track of all the odd people chaos will encounter in the Tower.

They will be separated in the comments in no particular order. If I forget you or get something wrong, please let me know, as I can be a major space cadet sometimes.
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1x Thick bodysuit
1x Pair of thin gloves
1x Notebook with a pen attached


1x Book that chaos wrote long, long ago about the truth of the universe.
1x Blue Animus Pendant. On the back is the word 'Animus' carved into it, and when one holds it they feel a bit of the misery from the souls trapped in the tower. Unless otherwise noted, chaos will always be wearing this.
1x Staff made out of wood.

Two paintball guns and forty paintballs, nonlethal.
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Any tips, comments, or general advice? Want to let me know if I'm actually doing a good job? Post here!
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Player Information

Name: Livia.
Personal Journal:
Age: 18.
Contact Info:
Other Characters Played: Tohko Amano.

Character Information

Character Name: chaos, but his name in the past was Yeshua.
Character Series: Xenosaga.
Character Age: chaos looks like his about fifteen-seventeen, but in reality, he's about six thousand years old.
Character Gender: Male.
Original Canon (Delete whichever is not applicable)
Canon Point: Just after chaos and KOS-MOS save the Elsa from being destroyed near the end of Episode One.
Background Link:
Personality: chaos is a kind person, willing to help out anyone he comes across, and his very presence is so soothing, that it makes almost everyone, even complete strangers, open up to him. He almost never seems upset or stressed out, taking almost everything in stride. However, chaos is as mysterious as he is kind. He never tells anyone much about his past, and when someone asks about his abilities, he just says that it's something he can do. He won't answer to questions about his past unless it's absolutely necessary, and sometimes wears a melancholy expression when he's thinking of his past and his role in the universe, both of which stress him out. However, this quirk of chaos's doesn't stop people from befriending him or liking him.

Unlike Wilhelm, chaos's enemy/rival, chaos hasn't had much of a hand in many events. Due to his past, he usually prefers standing in the sidelines, helping people, and watching it all play out. He wants to believe that humanity will make the right choices and save the universe, and allows them to have the free will to make those choices, for better or worse. Speaking of chaos's relationship to Wilhelm, while the two do have different ideas, their goal is the same: to save the universe, and the two do respect each other and don't fight. That does not mean that chaos likes Wilhelm, as the man killed many of his friends and Jesus, who was someone chaos was very close to in the past. chaos probably hasn't forgotten about this, and while he does not like the fact that Wilhelm did it, he doesn't try to seek revenge or kill Wilhelm, as that would harm the Lower Domain and the humans that he's grown so attached to. Plus, while Wilhelm has hurt a few people, he's also done some good, and chaos understands this.

While chaos does not have all his powers, due to events in his past, he is incredibly strong. He is able to use physical attacks as well as ice and holy ether to attack his opponents and heal his allies. However, chaos hates to fight, and always wears gloves and a bodysuit to restrain his power, as it emits from his skin, with his hands giving out most of it. However, if he has to, chaos will fight to protect his friends and loved ones.

In the past, chaos knew-and possibly had a relationship with-a woman named Mary Magdalene, who controlled chaos's powers, as well as a few other things. Not much is known about the relationship between the two, but we do know that Mary split chaos's power into twelve parts to save both the universe and chaos. This cost her her life, and it is hinted that chaos feels regret over this, and it is possible that this is what prompted his name change.

chaos's name is always written in lowercase, and this is probably because that chaos sees himself as chaos, due to his powers, past, and his reason for existence, which is to destroy the Lower Domain and the Imaginary Number Domain-the Lower Domain being our universe and the Imaginary Number Domain being a dimension below it where old souls and Gnosis lie. Doing this would save the Upper Domain, where U-DO resides. However, chaos loves humanity, and is does not like the fact that this role was thrown upon him.

However, even though he can't fight the fact that this role rests on his shoulders, chaos will try to help out humanity however he can. He sees Eternal Recurrence as a temporary solution, and hopes that, through their own will and some help, they'll be able to make a lasting solution that is better than Eternal Recurrence.

Abilities: Levitation, teleportation, telepathy, immortality, illusions, able to live without an air supply. chaos is also a great E.S. pilot, so he probably wouldn't have any trouble handling any other large mechs in the future. chaos was also the man behind Jesus, so many of the things Jesus did, like healing, walking on water, and making a lot of food are probably things chaos can do. Thanks to Mary, lots of these powers have gotten weaker, or have even sealed up. However, it's not implausible to say that he can still perform some of those 'miracles'.

chaos also has a lot of attacks in the game that he might use while fighting off monsters or other players. They are listed below:

Arctic Blast: chaos jumps up, summons a large white ball of ice above his head, and uses it to crush his enemies before landing back down.
Lunar Seal: chaos moves his right hand in a circle before thrusting it into the middle of it. The enemy will then suffer two or three small fiery explosions.
Angel Blow: chaos will grow wings, fly up, and attack everyone with a rain of holy ether before landing on the ground again and losing his wings.
Arrow: chaos will snap his fingers, and a bit of holy ether will shoot out and attack the opponent.
Angel Wings: chaos will make a small ball of holy ether that look like small feathers and shoot it at the opponent.
Tornado Flash: chaos will twist around and smack his opponent with his arm.
Chained Blast: A small bit of ether is shot at the enemy.
Heaven's Wrath: A lightning-based attack that will have lightning rain down on the opponent.
Demon Banisher: "Curse" attack against Gnosis-Type enemies.
Divine Spear: When an ally has died, chaos will be able to summon a large, spear-like object that will stab the enemy through the ground before vanishing.
Angel Shot: A stronger version of Arrow.
Electro Upper: An upper slash of the arm, along with a small wave of electricity.
Seraphim Rush: A stronger version of Tornado Flash that uses the other arm.
Star Thrust: chaos will smack the enemy with some holy ether and his hand.

chaos also has quite a few ether's that he uses in the game to help himself and his allies. Some probably won't translate well to Animus, but the ones that do are listed below.

Healing Dew: A small healing ether. This would probably heal small injuries, but not broken bones or internal bleeding.
Ice Wings: A small ice attack ether.
Flame Wings: A small flame attack ether.
Lightning Wings: A small thunder attack ether.
Supreme Judgment: If an enemy has regenerative powers, this will half those powers.
Best Ally: Will revive one dead ally. The mods should probably set the limits of this power, but if they do not, I shall say that chaos can only use it once a month.
Protective Wear: If an enemy is using magic, their ability has been reduced by 25%.

Sample Entry: chaos was not a terrible cook. You don't live six thousand years without learning how to make a proper meal, and while chaos knew he could make a delicious meal for everyone on the Elsa, he always decided not to. Tony, Hammer, and Matthews were all horrible cooks. Matthews put booze in the curry, and Tony and Hammer's dishes always ended up burnt, as they always argued with each other while they cooked.

While chaos could have made them a delicious dinner, he never did. Everyone on the ship knew that he was the strongest and smartest on board, and he wasn't going to shatter their pride by showing them up at cooking. So, while he was cooking, he would always act a little clumsier and stupider than usual.

"chaos, you broke a plate again! Be a bit more careful. Those things cost money, and money going to dishes isn't going to pay off our debts." Matthews would say.

"I'm sorry! I'll try to be more careful in the future!" he would reply. When it was time to serve up the dish, the members of the Elsa always had a horrible dish. One time, he put chocolate sauce in chicken soup. Another time, he put raisins in a curry dish he was making. No matter how many odd variations he had to come up with, chaos always knew that he would screw up the next dish on the Elsa.


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